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"LASS Secondary has become an integral part of my assessment planning. As a screening tool LASS provides invaluable information about the nature of a students difficulties enabling a much more focused approach to in-depth assessment where necessary. As a monitoring tool, LASS is useful in evaluating the effectiveness of interventions that have been put in place and assists in tracking the student's progress. It is useful in evaluating the need for access arrangements and contributes to the evidence required in making decisions. The programme is easy to administer, students enjoy it, it is time-efficient and feedback is immediate. The LASS manual is excellent and provides a wealth of useful information. The Lucid Helpline is friendly and efficient and provides an excellent service to users of the software.
Cathy Ellis, SpLD Teacher, London

"LASS is proving the corner-stone for the school in terms of helping to screen pupils, assess them, understand their learning styles and thus help them to choose options, help with learning difficulties and help the pupils achieve success. Pupils are no longer only assessed on product, but also on process and learning ability. The print-outs are clear and easy to interpret, even by non-specialist teachers. LASS has a good diagnostic range of tests offering far more than conventional paper based assessment which only gives an IQ. Dyslexic students, we found, did not always do well in the conventional assessments, but were far more relaxed with LASS, which has given us greater reliability of data. There is no need to send away and wait for its return"
Anita Keates, Head of SEN, Foxhills School Technology College, Scunthorpe, NE Lincs.

"All of the pupils seemed to enjoy all of the tests and were very eager to have their turn! LASS provides more useful information than a pupils statement does, very easy to assess. Excellent tool for teachers, great graphics."
White Spire School, Bletchey, Milton Keynes

"LASS is used with pupils chosen by me to screen. These are special needs groups. One pupil in the group with very short concentration span and moderate learning difficulty was fully engaged for the hour - I suggested a break but "Oh no, miss, I want to get this finished." It was probably the only thing he had ever completed and with a smile on his face. Spelling tests will never be the same again. As for reading tests it is wonderful to be able to look at the errors as well as such easily interpreted scores. I also tested two of the brightest students in year 9. They thought it was great fun and were fully engaged."
Judith Wolfe, SEN teacher, South Shields

"LASS is an extremely effective tool for the early detection and screening of Specific Learning Difficulties, such as Dyslexia"
"I would thoroughly recommend this software to any school"

Anne Sheppard - Banbury School, Oxfordshire

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