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Memory Booster...

“All pupils were focussed and showed real enthusiasm. The children loved the cartoons and found them hilarious. I would have no hesitation is recommending this product.
Independent teacher reviewer.

"We are a large infant school with 58% special needs children. We recently purchased Memory Booster and since receiving it have found it to be a really useful resource. The children not only love playing the games but are starting to develop and in some cases refine memory strategies."
Helen Whiteman, Deputy Headteacher, Aldershot, Hants

"I am a mother of five and felt that my children were very forgetful in their every day lives, always relying on me to remember everything about their daily activities and timetable. Therefore I started searching for a method to work on their memory skills. In this search I came across the "Memory Booster CD-Rom". This programme has proved perfect for us in many respects. First of all it teaches them methods to record information. Secondly it exercises their memories through a variety of stimulating and challenging games. Thirdly the programme is so well designed that it entertains the child all the while it works their brains! Finally memory strength has helped my children with their spelling and concentration. Thank you all at Lucid Research!"
Mrs Campbell-Breeden

"I really enjoy using Memory Booster." "Memory Booster makes learning fun." "It really helps my memory." "It's so good that you can change the timing to suit your memory." "Levels can be increased with a nice cartoon ending."
Niall, aged 9

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