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Lucid Products in general

Lucid's programs were quoted as an example of good practice in the
House of Commons Education and Skills Committee Special Educational Needs Report
Third Report of Session 2005-2006 Volume 2
Oral and written evidence EV 100, 101, 114 and 115

North Ayrshire Council has issued it's schools with Lucid software.
"increased accuracy and confidence in identifying and assessing needs"
"This represented good value for money"

Alan R Cowieson
Quality Improvement Officer
Additional Support for Learning & Pupil Support Service, North Ayrshire

"I will not tutor a new pupil without assessing them first with the appropriate Lucid test.
I cannot speak highly enough of their ease of use, speed, accuracy and fun content. The students barely realise that they are working! The manuals are clear and detailed and enable me to have an insight into the way a new student operates - so avoiding wasting time and money making false starts on a remedial programme.
The helpline is brilliant....All in all, a fabulous resource - I wish it had been available years ago."

Maureen Huxtable (Private Tutor)

"INPP is a centre for assessment and intervention of children's learning or behavioural difficulties with a particular focus on neuro-developmental delay. The assessment measures are therefore subjective. We use the entire range of Lucid Computerised products across age ranges to establish a baseline for the strengths and weaknesses, returning to them 6-12 months later to determine progress. The assessments are comprehensive, provide excellent backup evidence for analysis, and most significantly, are enjoyed by children and adults. The programs which are undoubtedly suitable for a wide range of professionals receive my highest possible recommendation."
Sheila Dobie, Director, Institute for Neuro-Physiological Psychology (Scotland)

"Many thanks for your help with the queries I had with Lucid CoPS and LASS Junior. The prompt delivery was amazing and has enabled me to install both and have them up and running. I feel confident that if I have any queries in the future you will be able to get me back on track."
Lynne Tandy, Waite End Primary School, Waterlooville Hampshire

As a trained teacher, who has worked with Dyslexic children for twenty years, I must say what a bonus it was to discover Rapid and Lass Tests.  To be able to help parents and children simplify what was needed for their child. We are able to see their weaknesses and strengths and all done in a simple child friendly way. These tests have saved me hours of manual testing.
It is also encouraging to allay the fears of families. The parents are so relieved when the result is that the probability of Dyslexia is low . It helps us to see what areas of work to concentrate on.

Daiana Morris, Reading Specialist, Australia

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