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Lucid Exact...

"Exact is one of my key tools"
Stuart Lucas, Head of Support for Learning/Teacher of English, Loretto School.

Stuart also says about Lucid Exact....

"I find Exact the perfect tool at the end of Third Form (the May prior to GCSEs) to test pupils with a SpLD for the 26 month 'licence' for access arrangements. I then gather evidence from subject teachers and 'paint a picture' and recommend further testing if necessary."

"....the perfect fit for re-testing pupils at AS for access arrangements in order to look at progress (or more importantly - to see if there has been a backwards dip) after having used access arrangements for GCSEs) - this follows best practice for Form 8s i.e. re-testing."

"I use Exact (along with LADS) when testing new pupils for possible SpLDs/access arrangements at AS level. I find both fit the picture well as, being a busy Head of Support, it allows me to continue with the paperwork whilst keeping an eye on the candidate. I may then decide to recommend a full psychological assessment or further testing by myself. On the other hand, after full consultation with subject teachers/parents and pupil .

"...we were delighted with the test which was much quicker than paper tests with clearer results, especially for the speed of reading, typing and handwriting.  It probably saved us approximately 100 LSA hours of marking and processing.  It also cut out human error in the marking and standardisation"
Learning Support, Maidenhead

" was exactly what we needed to help us deal with the huge and time-consuming process of assessing over  1,000 students every year. It really has been a time saver of extraordinary value"
Assessment Co-ordinator, Surrey

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