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Case Studies

Below are descriptions of how people are using Lucid software as well as case studies as found in the software manuals.
How do you use yours? If you are using Lucid Software let us know how you use yours so we can add your experience here to help others. We also appreciate feedback or suggestions for any of our Lucid programs. Click here to email us.  To view others feedback on Lucid products visit our Testimonials page.

For more infortmation and assisstance with interpretation please see our Interpretation assisstance, manuals and FAQs & Fact sheets pages.  

Video Case Studies

Priestnall school talk about their whole school approach with LASS 11-15

Sanders Drapers school talk about using Lucid Exact

Implementation Case Studies

Profiling software. Ages 8-11. Priestnall schools LASS 11-15 whole school approach How people with multiple Lucid products use theirs Authority wide implementation of Lucid software by North Ayrshire Council
Profiling software. Ages 8-11. Millfield Senior School - Using Lucid Exact helps ensure every child’s literacy learning differences are taken into account

Assessment Case Studies

Psychological profiling. Ages 4-8. Profiling software. Ages 8-11. Psychological profiling. Ages 4-8. Profiling software. Ages 8-11.

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