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LASS 8-11 in use

Anne Sudborough is a Specific Learning Difficulties (SpLD) consultant and the Secretary of Rutland Dyslexia. She trained as a secondary teacher but these days she works with children in the junior age range who need a boost with their reading and writing. ‘I trained for SpLD in primary and worked in private schools but found there was a demand for working with children after school and it snowballed,’ she said. ‘Now I work with children aged 6 -12. Once they start, their enthusiasm develops and I get most of my referrals by word of mouth. Many of the children have dyslexia but some may also have dyspraxia, ADHD and autistic spectrum disorders.

Anne uses Lucid Software as a diagnostic assessment tool for teaching, ‘I started with CoPS but now with children over 8, I use LASS Junior. It covers all the things I need to find out: visual and auditory memory, the ability to segment words and to decode non-words. I can check cognitive skills and also reading and spelling ages. I do have all those tests on paper but it is the graphing element in Lucid Software that makes it such a winner, especially with parents. Most of the children come with an educational psychologist’s report. There are pages of statistics and analysis but parents can’t easily see where the problems lie whereas with Lucid they can see at a glance.

One of the things Anne finds most useful with LASS is that she can repeat the assessment 6 or 9 months later and both children and parents can see how much they have progressed. Sometimes they have improved a lot with non-verbal reasoning which may be a matter of confidence. On the non verbal score, some have moved from the 49th to the 94th percentile. All Lucid’s tests have the backing of research and have been trialled in schools. ‘The beauty of them is that they are easy to administer and fun,’ said Anne, ‘although more challenging when you get to the harder tests. The Lucid LASS is affordable and standardised. It is a delight when we can prove so easily that there has been an improvement. It really builds the children’s confidence.

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