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A whole school approach to using LASS 11-15 at Priestnall School, Stockport - Video Version

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This case study details why Priestnall School, a large secondary school in Stockport, purchased LASS 11-15, how it was implemented to support their whole school approach to support for learning, as well as the benefits and the impact it has had.


Priestnall School in Stockport is a large secondary school with over 1200 pupils aged 11-16 years, and was reported by Ofsted as an ‘outstanding’ school in 2011. The percentage of students with a statement of special educational needs is twice the national average.

Why Priestnall School chose LASS 11-15

How LASS 11-15 is implemented at Priestnall School

Benefits and impact of using LASS 11-15

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