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Sanders Draper Case Study

Sanders Draper School and Specialist Science College is a community school in Hornchurch, located in the London Borough of Havering, near to the Essex border. An ordinary comprehensive school, with approaching 900 pupils, they have an average number of pupils with special educational needs, and a resourced provision for hearing impaired students. Most pupils are of White British heritage.

Could you Introduce your School and explain the decision behind purchasing Exact.

How easy is Exact to implement and use?

When are students assessed using Lucid Exact?

How do the Students feel about being Assessed?

Do the students see the Benefits of Being Assessed?

Do you show the students their results?

What Other Benefits have you seen from the Testing Process

Does Exact Provide any Benefits for the Wider School Community?

As a student how did you find the tests and have they helped?

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