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Lucid for education

Welcome to the Lucid pages for educational professionals.

Please find below links to help you get the most out of your Lucid software or just learn more about dyslexia and visual stress.

If there is anything you would like to see added, have any suggestions or a question not answered on these pages, please feel free to contact us


Identify dyslexia and other learning needs. Assess for exam access.
 CoPS (ages 4-8)
 LASS 8-11
 LASS 11-15
 Exact (ages 11-24)
 Ability (ages 4-16)
 Recall (ages 7-16)

Quick reliable & cost effective screening for dyslexia or visual stress

 Rapid (ages 4 -15)

 LADS Plus (ages 15+) 

 ViSS (ages 7-adult)


Enjoyable software to improve memory, concentration and more

 Memory Booster

   (ages 4-11+)

 Comprehension Booster

   (ages 7-14+)


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