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Interpretation assistance

Here we have compiled videos and guides to assist you in interpreting assessment results. They have been sorted into catagories according to which software they relate to. Simply click on a title to view the videos available or click on a link below to open a PDF guide.

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Interpretation Videos

CoPS Interpretation Tutorial CoPS - Sophie is a very quiet, shy child aged 5 years 8 months. She was not making good progress in literacy so she was assessed using Lucid CoPS. LASS 8-11 Interpretation Tutorial LS2 LASS 8-11 - Katie was 8 years and 9 months when she was assessed using LASS 8-11. The assessment was requested because of concerns over her progress in reading.
LASS 11-15 Interpretation Tutorial LASS 11-15 - Michael was 15 years and 4 months old when he was assessed using LASS 11-15. He is a bright student with weak literacy skills despite having cognitive strengths. LADS Plus Interpretation Tutorial LADS Plus- Billy aged 24 was screened for dyslexia using Lucid LADS Plus.  See how the probability of dyslexia is assessed for Billy and others.

PDF interpretation guides

PDF presentations

(These are also suitable for use in training presentations)

Identifying Dyslexia and other learning problems using LASS

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