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Dyslexia Association Singapore

Their Mission

Helping Dyslexic People Achieve

Their Goal
To build a world class organization dedicated to helping dyslexic people in Singapore and reaching out to the region.

Their Aims

  • To put quality first in delivering a comprehensive and effective professional service for dyslexic people on a not-for-profit basis.
  • To provide an assessment service for individuals suspected of having dyslexia.
  • To provide educational programs and other support services for individuals with dyslexia.
  • To raise public and professional awareness of the nature and incidence of dyslexia.
  • To enable others (teachers, parents and professionals) to help dyslexic individuals.
  • To assist and elicit financial and other support for people with dyslexia and their families.
  • To promote and carry out local research into dyslexia and to disseminate results.
  • To network with other organizations in Singapore, the region and throughout the world to bring best practices to the DAS.

Kuwait Dyslexia Association

The mission of Kuwait Dyslexia Association is to provide help, advice and support to individuals with dyslexia and their families within the Kuwaiti and Arab societies in order to overcome difficulties and challenges associated with dyslexia.

The KDA supports the dissemination of research-based information about dyslexia and related language learning difficulties. The KDA is committed to scientific research on dyslexia in Arabic and is currently collaborating with a number of scholars from various universities around the world in conducting research on dyslexia in Kuwait.

The KDA aims to achieve the following objectives:

  • To represent individuals with dyslexia in Kuwait and the rest of the Arab world and to attend to their needs and advocate their welfare;
  • To develop services which cater for the needs of people with dyslexia in Kuwait and the rest of the Arab world;
  • To increase awareness of dyslexia in Kuwait and the Arab world;
  • To develop dyslexia screening, diagnostic and assessment tools in Arabic;
  • To provide specialised teacher training in dyslexia;
  • To make available materials, resources and multi-sensory teaching aids;
  • To publish a dyslexia quarterly magazine, an academic peer-reviewed journal and a year book on dyslexia;
  • To organise lectures, seminars, conferences where parents, educators, dyslexics, policy makers and other relevant organisations and officials can participate and discuss up-to-date dyslexia theories and good practice;
  • To provide advice on intervention policies for individuals with dyslexia;
  • To co-operate with other relevant organisations within Kuwait and elsewhere to develop inclusion and intervention policies.

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