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Using ViSS

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ViSS is delivered entirely by the computer and requires minimal supervision. The screening test, which is in the form of a word search game, takes about 20 minutes. The game is played under two conditions - one where the appearance of the screen visually more stressful than the other. Because each individual's performance is compared across two different conditions (visually stressful and visually unstressful) their individual speed of working is immaterial. For younger children (age 7 - 11 years) it includes animated cartoons designed to make the task more enjoyable.

Easy but comprehensive reporting

The Viss reports module shows the extent to which the person's performance was disrupted by visually stressful stimuli. A graphical scale of susceptibility to visual stress from - 'low' to 'extremely high' - makes it easy to interpret the results and a full statistical analysis is also shown. An Individual Item Analysis shows the performance on each item through the test so that the pattern of disruption caused by visual stress can be discerned. See below for an example Individual Item Anaylysis.

Comments may be included on the print-out of results, thus providing a complete record of the screening on one convenient A4 page.

After screening with ViSS

There are a number of different ways in which visual stress can be treated or helped, and the main approaches are outlined in the Administrator’s Manual that accompanies the software.  Many of these methods make use of the beneficial effects of colour in one form or another.  However, attention to other visual characteristics of the learning environment can also be very helpful.

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